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Picture Downloader Online Help
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Sorting Pictures

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Sorting pictures can be useful when looking for a picture or when checking a range of pictures. In these instances it is helpful to organize pictures in the Browser's picture list based on particular criteria such as name or size. You can sort the Picture list in both view modes. The method of sorting is preserved across sessions; it remains in effect until you change it.


You can sort in the Picture tab or Search tab's Browser. Sorting in one tab will not affect another tab.


Sorting in Both Picture List View


Switch to the Task tab in Project pane and then switch to Picture tab or Search tab then select sort the displayed pictures as described here.


To change the way pictures are sorted in the Picture list:


Click View | Sort.


Choose  one of the options listed.


Sorting Using Column Headers


The most visual way of telling how pictures are sorted is by using the Details view.


To change the sort order:


Click a column name (e.g., click Name to sort all pictures by the picture's original filename).


Direction of the Sort


When clicking on the column name, an arrow will signify that the list is sorted according to that picture's information criterion. You can click the name again to alternate from forward to reverse sorting.


Up arrow:Signifies a forward alpha-numeric sort (A-Z, lowest to highest, etc.)


Down arrow:Signifies a reverse alpha-numeric sort (A-Z, lowest to highest, etc.)