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Product History

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+ New feature


o Minor change


!! Bug fix


Version 1.65 Oct 2008


+ Show URL level in download queue.

+ Add win.MessageBox function to HTML Parser Script, help you debug your script.

o Enhance HTML Parser.


Version 1.63 July 2008


o Minor change: priority of dynamic picutres.

!!Bug Fixed: error parse links that nested in form.


Version 1.61 Feb 2008


+ Export/Import task(s).


Version 1.60 Feb 2008


+ Now you can control the HTML Parser by script language.


Version 1.55 Oct 2007


o New HTML Parser.


!!Bug fix :Memory leak when analyst JavaScript.

!!Bug fix :Manual Login not work when re-start a project. 


Version 1.53 Oct 2007


o Improved HTML Analyzing Engine.


!!Bug fix :Crash on super long URL.


Version 1.52 July 2007


o New error reporter.


+ Move error URL to queue so you can re-download them.


!!Bug fix :Window focus bug.


!!Bug fix :Few bugs in Window Vista.


Version 1.51 Jan 2007


o Slide show with hundreds of transition effects.


o Random slide show.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.50 Oct 2006


o Improved HTMLAnalyzing Engine.


o New Queue Viewer, now you can view and manage URL queue when downloading.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.49 Jun 2006


o Improved HTMLAnalyzing Engine for  some WEB 2.0  sites.


o Improved Manual Login  feature.


Version 1.48 Jun 2006


+ Start from local HTML file(e.g. file://c:\test.htm).


+ Compatible with Windows Vista(Tested under Windows Vista Beta2 32 Bit & 64 Bit)



Version 1.47 August 2004


+ Customize local filename.


+ Change picture directory.


o Change database file format(XML).


o Improved HTML Analyzing Engine.


o Improved Performance, decrease CPU usage.


!! Bug fixed: some special character in URL will cause the local filename incorrectly.


!! Bug fixed: can't analyst some large web page correctly.


!! Bug fixed: sometime can't abort/pause project correctly.



Version 1.46 April 2004


+ Rating pictures.


+ Sort & Search pictures by Rating.


+ New/Open project & Project Properties option in the right click menu of the system try icon.


+ Display JPEG EXIF information in the Picture Properties dialog.


o Sort being case insensitive.


o Some minor changes.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.45 March 2004


+ Support manual login to session-wise login site.


+ Sort tasks by task name/create time/start URL.


+ Auto save queue at regular intervals.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.42 February  2004


+ Support batch download sequence URLs in one task.


+ Option for store pictures with the creation time.


+ Option for not reject duplicate pictures.


o Create folder if no exist when start a new project.


o Add sort options to Thumbnail View Right Click Menu.


o ESC key now work on system option dialog.


o Max value of "Free disk space limit" chage to 9999 MB.


Version 1.41 January 2004


+ Sort by local filename.


+ Search by original filename and local filename.


+ Support Regular Expression when searching the downloaded pictures.


+ Project default options.


+ Option for disable Splash Screen.


+ Command line option for start slide show directly.


o Improved HTML Analyzing Engine for no named FORM.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.40 December 2003


+ Project wizard.


+ Option for saving pictures in original filename.


+ Option for recreate target website's folder structure.


o Renew project database for long filename.


o Improved HTML Analyzing Engine for some toll site.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.38 October 2003


+ Flip / Mirror / Rotate Left / Rotate Right in Full Screen Mode.


o Improved Performance.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.37 September 2003


o Improved User Interface.


o Compatible with WindowBlinds.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.36 September 2003


o Improved HTML Analyzing Engine.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.35 August 2003


o Improved HTML Analyzing Engine.


+ Six sample projects included.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.32 August 2003


o Improve Monitor View.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.31 Jul 2003


o Improve HTML Analyzing Engine for some kind of FORM based link.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.30 Jul 2003


o Support Regular Expression in picture/page URL filter!


o Download queue browser! Now you can browse the queue and remove the URLs that you want ignore.


o Keyword test, you can test whether a keyword match an URL.


o Splash screen.


o New icon and Logo.


Version 1.25 May 2003


o Improve HTML Analyzing Engine for some kind of ASP/JSP based web forum.


o Improve User Interface, new toolbar icon.


o Add "Within current directory & deeper" option in page location & picture location.


o "Auto select new picture" option switchable while a task is running.


o Auto refresh tray icon when the Windows Explorer is died.


o Support mouse wheel in full screen mode(mouse wheel for next page/previous page, CTRL+mouse wheel/left mouse button down+mouse whell for scroll picture).


!!Bug fix


Version 1.20 April 2003


o Improve HTML Analyzing Engine.


o Improve User Interface.


!!Bug fix


Version 1.19 March 2003


+ Hot key for check all, check none, invert check.


!! Bug fix


Version 1.18 March 2003


+ Option to disable system tray icon.


!! Bug fix


Version 1.17 February 2003


+ Minimize PicaLoader to system tray icon.


!! Bug fix


Version 1.15 January 2003


+ Option to create "Lite" project, which can save all picture into one folder, and limit to 20,000 pictures per project.


+ Can check multiple pictures by hold Shift then click the check box or press Spacebar.


o In search view, when select "Check all" or "Check none" from main menu, only act on search result.


!! Bug fix


Version 1.1 October 2002


+ Option to search a sequence of pictures and to search a picture sequence by number, even if the picture is not visible in the target site.


+ Drop Box accepts links or webpage text selections taken from IE browsers.


+ Slide Show; can display a sequence of pictures as a slide show, each picture being shown in the Full screen mode for a predetermined time.


+ Option to limit the number of pictures for each download, if the limit is reached the download will pause, and you can resume it next time.


o Original filename_identifier string as the saving filename.


!! Bug fix


Version 1.0 Augest 2002


Initial release.