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Options Dialog Box

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Proxy Server: PicaLoader can work via HTTP proxy servers. If your Internet/Intranet system requires that you connect to a proxy server,  check "Connect to  the internet using a proxy server" and specify your proxy parameters. If you do not know your proxy settings, contact your  system administrator or service provider. Most proxies do not require authentication. However, if your proxy server requires an account and password, enter the username and password. PicaLoader will automatically handle proxy authentication when it runs your project.


Agent Identity: Browsers, webspiders, and other Internet client programs can broadcast their identity when making requests for files.  Although it's considered good netiquette to broadcast your true identity, sometimes a remote server will look at the agent identity to determine what type of data to send it  or whether to send it data at all.  For example, some websites will not send frame links to older Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, which were not capable of reading frame links.  Although PicaLoader defaults to broadcasting its true identity, you may wish to change its identity if a site appears to be unresponsive to PicaLoader, yet works with your browser.


Anonymous broadcasts no identity at all.


PicaLoader 1.0 broadcasts the string "PicaLoader <current version number>.


Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows.98) option will cause PicaLoader to identify itself as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 running under Windows 98;


Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows.NT 5.0) option will cause PicaLoader to identify itself as Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 running under Windows 2000;


Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98) option will cause PicaLoader to identify itself as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 running under Windows 98;


Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0) option will cause PicaLoader to identify itself as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 running under Windows 2000.





Max Connections: Specifies the number of simultaneously retrieved files. By default the number is set to 5, but if you are working via a dedicated line, xDSL, Cable Modem or other fast way, you can increase this number.


Timeout: Number of seconds to wait before a timeout occurs.


Pause between connections: Pause between successive connections to server, in seconds. Set this to several seconds to protect webservers from overloading.


Max retries: Maximum number of retries if a connection or download fails. If download is not finished, PicaLoader will resume download next time it connects.


Don't use IE cookie: Don't use Internet Explorer cookie when connecting to server.


Download Limit:


Disk free space limit Pause download if free disk space drops below this limit in kilobytes.


Download picture amount limit limit the number of pictures downloaded each time. If limit is reached, download will pause. You can resume download next time.




Auto save queue auto save queue at regular intervals. The default setting "0" means not auto save queue.





Thumbnails per page: Specifies the number of thumbnails display in Pictures tab and Search tab.


Auto select new picture: When a new picture is downloaded, auto select it in Pictures tab.


Store thumbnails: Store thumbnails into Thumbnail.dat, This greatly enhances the speed at which PicaLoader gathers thumbnails.





Fit picture: Fit the picture into Viewer.


Full size: Show full picture in Viewer, if picture larger than Viewer, you can Panning/Scrolling it.


Slide Show:



Forward: Show pictures in forward sequence.


Reverse: Show pictures in reverse sequence.


Random: Show pictures in random sequence.


Repeat: When sequence end repeat from start.


Slide Effect: Display transition effect between slide.


Hide Cursor: Hide the mouse cursor when slide show.



Time(Automatic)Slide Show:


Delay(Second): Delay between each pictures.



New Project Default Type:


Standard Project: When create new project, set the project as standard project, which save downloaded pictures into 38 folders, up to 700,000 pictures per project.


Lite Project: When create new project, set the project as "Lite" project, which save downloaded pictures into one folder, up to 20,000 pictures per project.


Show Tips of the day at StartUp.