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1.How many pictures can I download?

It's up to your available disk space.

2. What does "truly support JavaScript" mean?

Many web sites contain dynamic pictures, menus, etc. and many of them are implemented in JavaScript. Unlike other offline browsers and picture downloading software which use static analysis or omit JavaScript, PicaLoader will dynamically analyze these JavaScript programs, follow the links and download pictures. When PicaLoader finds JavaScript sentences which may probably harm the system security, it will omit them.

3.How to download pictures from Yahoo Group using PicaLoader?

How-to download pictures from yahoo group

4.How to download pictures from MSN Group using PicaLoader?

how-to download pictures from MSN Group

5. I'm running the latest version of PicaLoader and no matter how many connections I try to configure it to use, it will only utilize two. I've had this problem both under Windows 98 and 2000.

PicaLoader uses Wininet.dll which comes with Win98 and IE. This limits the number of active connections.
See for a full explanation, and how to get around it.

6. I'm evaluating PicaLoader and every page comes back with a "cannot reach server" error. The same pages browse without problems in IE.

If you are running some personal firewall(like ZoneAlarm, BlackICE, etc.), make sure that it does not prevent PicaLoader from connecting to the Internet.

7. How do I access a password-protected site using PicaLoader?

PicaLoader supports both HTTP authentication (a dialog box that pops up when you enter a password protected Web site) and login forms on Web pages.
In the first case you can enter the user name and password into the task's option form. In the second case you should manually open the site using your Internet browser, enter your user name and password, and enter the protected area. You will now see the URL for the protected page. While still in the protected area, set a task in PicaLoader to download starting at the URL of the protected page. Session cookies only allow you access a protected area for the duration of your visit, therefore you must start the download within the protected area while browsing. Make sure the PicaLoader's Option/Download/Don't use IE cookie is unchecked (default).

8. Why do I get two pictures which look same?

If two pictures are in a different format or have different compression rate, PicaLoader can't differentiate between them; it's a Mission Impossible :)

9.If I didn't remove the tasks that finished, when I click the "Start" button, all the tasks will run again, right?

Yes, but PicaLoader will only download the pictures that were not downloaded last time. It will not download the duplicate pictures.

10. I ordered PicaLoader online and still haven't received a Serial No. What should I do?

If you haven't received a Serial No with your receipt, contact us immediately via email at
If you haven't received a receipt, it usually means that the email address supplied with your order is incorrect, or not reachable, or that your order hasn't gone through.

11. I have been trying to register PicaLoader and my Serial No doesn't work. What should I do?

If you can't register PicaLoader with your current Serial No, contact us immediately via email at
Please include your Email Address and the Version of PicaLoader that you are using -or-
Just send us a copy of your Receipt and the Version of PicaLoader you are using so we can send you a new Serial No as soon as possible.


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